Tarakeshwar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Himalayan Friendly (Pvt) Ltd. Quite different and unique adventures company in Nepal and around the Himalayas. In comparison to other various trekking and tour companies, due to our homely environment and friendly services.

Himalayan Friendly welcomes all travelers to experience the best holiday around the Himalayas, offering great services. Making your holiday safe, secure and enjoyable with money worth of great trips with us. Although a small and fresh companies established more than decades ago. The company is managed, and run by professional and expert team of guides and staff. Which makes all our trips successful, with satisfied clients due to our excellent services.

Himalayan Friendly, a reputed and Government Registered Adventure Company in Nepal, in association with various government, and non-government organization related to Nepal Tourism Industry. To enjoy our wide range of adventure and cultural holiday,

Best Price

Himalayan Friendly will give you the best service at an affordable price. Your stay really matters to us that’s why we give our 100% to make your trip fun and memorable both mentally and physically.

Quality Hotel in Kathmandu

We treat our clients as a part of our family. We want every client to feel like they are in their own home during their journey. So, we make sure that they are getting hygienic food and a comfortable stay at three stars hotels in Kathmandu.

Discount Rates Available with a Big Group

We even give discounts to a big group. Discounts are available on several special occasions like the New Year and Christmas. From time to time, we also provide multiple package discounts.

Our Concern for Your Safety

One of our main priorities is the safety of our clients. In order to make your trip safe, joyful, and memorable, you must follow the guidelines of our team members. Before planning the trip, if you are suffering from any heart, blood, or other diseases, you must visit a doctor.