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Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek

Trip Overview

Maximum Altitude:
Trip Region:
Best Season:
Sep-Dec, Mar-Apr
16 Days
Price from
  • 2 Person $1800
  • 3 Person $1700
  • 4-7 Person $1600
  • 8-10 Person $1500

Package Price

16 Days
US $ 1550

Save $ Per Pax
No. of Persons Price per Person


  • Hidden Kingdom: Discover the secret kingdom of Upper Mustang which is a preserved treasure of Tibetan Buddhist culture.
  • Different Landscape: Experience the different landscape of the Upper Mustang Trek which is a fascinating mix of desert-like surroundings and ancient caves.
  • Ancient Monasteries: Visit old monasteries along the trek and immerse yourself in spirituality as well as the local history.
  • Charming Lo Manthang: Explore the lovely walled city of Lo Manthang and step into the old world of charm and wonder.
  • Cultural Immersion: Engage with friendly locals and embrace their unique traditions.

With the interesting, enriching and adventurous trail, Upper Mustang trek is done around the Trans Himalayan Mustang region in the northern central region of Nepal. Located in the rain shadow of the Dhaulagiri massif Upper Mustang is beyond comparison one of the most breathtakingly beautiful regions with out of the ordinary and far-flung treks.

Some major highlights of our Upper Mustang trek include following old salt-trade caravan trails into Mustang’s windswept humps of mountain desert remote areas of immemorial Himalayan Kingdom atop of the Kali Gandaki River where you can taste the locally made delicious apple products as well. Trekkers traverse through virtual treeless barren landscapes and with endless expanses of yellow and grey hills eroded by winds where they shall be presented with dreamlike geographical landscapes along with the historical places of Lo-Manthang, natural graces, rivers, and its ancient caves. Being fairly tough our trek requires trekkers to have an above-average fitness capacity to walk on hilly terrain lies & is best preferred during February to Mid-June and September to December. Approach this land and get your mind blown by this distinctive region.


Once you land at the airport in Kathmandu, one of our representatives will meet you there. He will guide you to your hotel through the winding valleys of Kathmandu. In the evening, explore the nearby street vendors and food stalls to map a rough picture of Kathmandu. Those food stalls are a wonderful place to grab the taste of Nepal.

Sightseeing around Kathmandu is probably the most engaging activity in Nepal. Explore the classic architecture of Patan Durbar Square and submerge in the spiritual ambiance of the Pashupatinath Temple. What’s more, feel the aesthetic charm of 8th century gigantic Boudhanath Stupa and revel in the rewarding viewpoint of Swayambhunath temple. Around the periphery of these architectural wonders, there are several souvenir stalls and handicraft vendors displaying the fine works of craftsmanship. If you get free time in the late afternoon then, it is better to catch a 20 mins walk to Kathmandu Durbar Square from Thamel. What is so better than sipping a cup of tea in front of the time-honored heritage of Kathmandu?

The distance between Kathmandu and Pokhara is just 200 km, but it takes over 7 hours to reach there by road. The primary reasons for this delay are the winding highways and unpredictable traffic jams. Despite that, this road trip rewards you with some of the unparalleled views of the deep valleys, traditional settlements, terraced farm fields, and lush alpine forests of Nepal.

Flight (30 min) is another option to reach Pokhara. The plane flies over the lush hills and overlooks the wonderful views of the Machhapuchre peak from the window of the airplane.

Choose the best option that fits your interest.

Early morning we take the flight to Jomsom through the views of the Dhaulagiri range, Nilgiri, Annapurna, After landing the administrate capital at Jomsong we the hit the trail alongside the Kali Gandaki river with the view of the Nilgiri and Annapurna range to Tibetan influenced village Kagbeni which is the most ethnically  Tibetan in last unrestricted area. Once when we get Kag Beni then ready to look around the Traditional Tibetan village and Monastery.

Today we enter the restricted area along the Kali Gandaki river to Chussang village via Tangbe with a view of the amazing valley and intriguing caves, we eat lunch in Chhusang and soon we cross the bridge( Kaligandaki River)  just before the reaching the Chele village which is situated bottom of the Syaar hill. Enjoy the view of the dry peak and intriguing caves.

We start our day ascending up to Taklam pass ( 3625m) with views of the  Amazing Nilgiri mountain and intriguing caves, when we reach the top of the trail then walk is fairly level to Samar village, we then walk little up and descend to a small river and   gradual up to Vena, we eat lunch in vena and start climbing again to  amazing viewpoint named Darjuri  pass (3730m), Have views of the dry valley up to Mustang from the viewpoint and descend Zigzag rough trail to Syangboche, the trail goes gradually little up and gradually down to  Giling, An beautiful Tibetan  influenced village contains of the wheat, Buckwheat , potatoes  and green forests. By late afternoon , look around the Monastery and village at Giling and overnight hotel.

we start our hike gradually descend north-west to Nyi pass( 3870m) which is the southern boundary of the upper mustang with the view of the dry mountains and caves to  Gami. Up and down to Gami through the Tibetan Mani walls and intriguing caves’ views. We then eat lunch and head down to the Gami river, After crossing the Gami river we gradually climb to top, again amazing views of the upper Mustang. From the top, we descend to Charang village which is rich in another village for Tibetan cultures and lifestyles and monasteries. then time to look around beautiful Gami village including monasteries which are Tibetan influenced, very rich of the Tibetan Buddhist cultures.

Leaving the hotel soon we cross the bridge then follow the main trail to Lo Manthang, Fairly level trail above the Kali Gandaki river with some up and down to Lomanthang, today views are excellent with many top hills capped by forests. Just before reaching the destination today, we see spectaculars views of the Hidden historic town Lo manthang surrounded by ring rounded dry hills capped by forest and snowy mountains in the north. Lo manthang used to run by their own Kings (Raja), still, we can see the building of king palace of Lo manthang. Rich of Tibetan influenced Monasteries and intriguing caves its own cultures and lifestyles.

We explore the kingdom of the Mustang starting first from Chhuskar cave, Sky caves and monasteries around the Chuskar village and back to Lomanthang, we then eat lunch and start to explore the Kingdom of Upper mustang and center of its cultures, Manastaries, temple, and big statue seated Buddha in Chapa Lakhang that dates back to 15th century. Each monastery has monk to explain the history of every monastery and temple, well-managed community to introduce you to every historic and religious site. by evening have some time to shop old and ancient Buddhist Thanka to contribute the locals’ skills, Unforgettable kingdom in Upper Mustang.

Today we head down to Gami though the higher route crossing the Dhi Pass (4100m) with the splendid views of the Snowy Mountains and Oasis of the Green valley Charang. After crossing the Di Pass soon we cross the bridge and look around the Ghar Gompa which is the oldest monastery  in Upper mustang We then eat lunch here and continue gradually up to another pass then walk goes steep down to Drakmer, An village in the bottom of the intriguing caves with the view of the green hills,

Now the way becomes fairly lever for an hour and cross the bridge to Ghami.we then start climbing for 1:30 to pass, again splendid vies of the intriguing caves and forests capped hill. Now walk goes down to close to Giling and follows the trail to Syangbochen, Now the tail becomes fairy level to Syangbochen. A tropical Tibetan influenced town with the views of the Hill and Cave

Leaving the hotel soon we start climbing the Dorjori Peak (4100m), we then walk slowly down to Samer via Vena. Eat lunch at Samer and walk down via Taklam pass (3620m) to Chele with the views of the Annapurna, Nilgiri and intriguing caves. After Chele soon we cross the Kali Gandaki River and onwards to Chhusang. Nice place in the bank of the Kali Gandaki river.

Today we trek Restricted area until KAgbeni, Once we reach Kagbeni then we are in an unrestricted area and eat lunch in Kagbeni and onwards to Jomsom along the Kaligandaki river(windy Valley). Complete the flight Confirmation for next day flight from Jomsom to Pokhara.

Day 14 – Fly back to Pokhara (790m)

Transfer to the airport and say goodbye to Nepal, mountains and peoples until next time



  • Airport pickup and drop
  • Three night accommodation at 3 start hotel in Kathmandu
  • Two night accommodation at 3 start hotel in Pokhara
  • Three meals with hot drink a days (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) during the trek.
  • Fresh fruit after the dinner every night.
  • Accommodations during the trek.
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) entry permit & special Upper Mustang permit.
  • Tourist bus to pokhara and again tourist bus from Pokhara to Kathmandu.
  • Flight ticket ( Pokhara-Jomsom-Pokhara) with airport pickup and drop and airport tax included.
  • Sleeping bags, Down Jacket, and Duffel bag (if you needed, to be returned after the trek)
  • Experience Trekking Guide And Porter
  • Government taxes, service change and official expenses.


  • International Airfare.
  • Nepal entry visa fee $50 USD visa on arrival.
  • Your Travel and Medical Insurance.
  • Your Personal Expenses.
  • Tips for the guide, porter and driver (Tipping is expected)

Useful Info

Getting ready for the Upper Mustang Trek:

Setting off on the Upper Mustang Trek is an exhilarating trip that necessitates some planning in order to truly appreciate this special journey into the undiscovered realm of Mustang. Here are some straightforward and entertaining recommendations to assist you in getting ready for this remarkable adventure, from physical fitness to mental readiness.

Physical Preparation:

  • Build your endurance: Engage in activities like hiking, cycling, or jogging to strengthen your leg muscles and increase stamina.
  • Cardiovascular exercises: Incorporate aerobic exercises like brisk walking, swimming, or dancing to improve your cardiovascular fitness and endurance for long trekking days.
  • Strengthen your core: Include exercises such as planks, sit-ups, and squats to develop core strength, which is crucial for stability and balance during the trek.
  • Practice walking on uneven terrain: Take short hikes on varied terrains to familiarise yourself with walking on uneven surfaces and prepare your body for the trek.

Mental Preparation:

  • Cultivate a positive mindset: Approach the trek with enthusiasm and an open mind. Embrace the challenges and consider them as part of the adventure.
  • Research and plan: Familiarise yourself with the trek’s itinerary, cultural highlights, and any specific guidelines or permits required. This will help you mentally prepare for the journey ahead.
  • Pack wisely: Ensure you have the necessary trekking gear, including comfortable hiking shoes, layered clothing for changing weather conditions, and a reliable backpack. Packing light but essential items will make your trek more enjoyable.
  • Learn about the local culture: Gain knowledge about the customs, traditions, and etiquette of the Mustang region. This will enhance your overall experience and help you connect with the local community.

Finally, you’ll be ready to go off on the enthralling Upper Mustang Trek by concentrating on physical preparation, keeping a cheerful outlook, and being well-equipped with the appropriate information and supplies. Prepare to discover historic caves, bustling monasteries, and the rich cultural history of this hidden kingdom as you make lifelong memories!



1 .) Why choose Himalayan friendly?

Himalayan friendly is a small company operated by an experienced trekking guide (Mr. Ram Ghale). Ram has been trekking for 10 years. The staff in Himalayan friendly are well prepared to deal with any possible problem and make the trip beautiful.

2 .) Do I need to bring toilet paper for the trek?

Although most of the lodges and hotels provide toilet paper, we recommend carrying toilet paper as an extra safety.

3 .) What are terms and condition of payment?

Yes, you can buy trekking gear from Kathmandu. Thamel is the best place to buy trekking gear.

4 .) What is the walking pace during trek?

The average pace of walking is 2 miles per hour. But It can be increased or decreased according to your comfort.

5 .) Can I or Can I not leave my luggage in Kathmandu whilst on the trek?

Yes. You absolutely can.

Trekking in Kathmandu? No worries! Leave your luggage at the hotel and enjoy a hassle-free adventure. The friendly hotel staff will keep your belongings safe and sound for free. So, say goodbye to heavy loads and hello to carefree trekking!

6 .) What are some of the booking & payment methods for the trek?

Booking and paying for your trek is a piece of cake! Here’s the scoop: No need to stress about advance payments or,  You can pay the full amount when you arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal.

We’ve got you covered with flexible options like online payment, bank transfer, or good ol’ cash upon arrival!!

Just reach out to us, secure your reservation, and we’ll guide you through the simple payment process. It’s like booking a thrilling adventure with no upfront commitments. So pack your bags, get ready to rock, and let the trekking fun begin!

(For further information, do visit our privacy policy which also includes payment policies and all of the payment options that we accept)

7 .) Is someone going to pick me up at the airport?

When you arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport, our Himalayan Friendly crew will be there to greet you with open arms. They’ll make sure your transition from the airport to your hotel is super smooth. We’re all about starting your journey on a positive note, so you can count on our dedicated team to assist you at every step.

8 .) Which hotel will I stay at in Kathmandu? Can I extend my stay or upgrade?

First off, you will be staying at a wonderfully pristine hotel of a three star status here in Kathmandu or Pokhara or any other central place depending on your itinerary. These three star hotels are known for their excellent service and beautifully clean rooms. They are located in very beautiful areas with easy accessibility to markets and restaurants all to make your stay convenient and enjoyable. We’ll make sure that you’ll have a comfortable room with a private bathroom, and a tasty breakfast will also be included.

If you’d like to extend your stay, we can help you make the arrangements. Please note that rates may vary depending on the hotel, that is if you decide to extend your stay.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a more luxurious experience, we can assist you with an upgrade to an even better hotel experience. Kathmandu offers a range of beautiful 4 to 5-star hotels to choose from that offer a whole bunch of luxury with it.

Let us know your preferences, and we’ll ensure you have a fantastic stay. You’ll customise your trip just the way you’d want us to.

Price from
  • 2 Person $1800
  • 3 Person $1700
  • 4-7 Person $1600
  • 8-10 Person $1500

Package Price

16 Days
US $ 1550

Save $ Per Pax
No. of Persons Price per Person

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