Tarakeshwar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Manaslu Circuit Trek

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a very captivating journey that will take you through the stunning Manaslu region of Nepal....

Trip Price: $990
Duration: 17 Days Day

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek is a unique expedition in the Himalayas of Nepal other than EBC (Everest Base Camp) and ABC...

Trip Price: $650
Duration: 11 Day Day

Mardi Himal Trek

Voyage off the beaten trail and discover exotic wildlife, rare floral diversity, stunning mountain vistas, and raging rivers in our...

Trip Price: $700
Duration: 11 Days Day

Annapurna Circuit Trek

The Annapurna Circuit Trek is undoubtedly one of the most popular treks in Annapurna region with epic length, but still...

Trip Price: $1300
Duration: 16 Day Day

Upper Mustang Trek

With the interesting, enriching and adventurous trail, Upper Mustang trek is done around the Trans Himalayan Mustang region in the...

Trip Price: $1800
Duration: 16 Days Day

Mera Peak Climbing

Mera Peak Climbing gives an opportunity to the majority of the expert trekkers and beginner climbers who dream and need to...

Trip Price: $2600
Duration: 16 Days Day
Greetings to all from Himalayan Friendly Family.

Message From Managing Director

Hi, I am Ram

The founder and director of Himalayan Friendly, Nepal’s trekking and tour company. With your travel with Himalayan Friendly, you can be sure that I’ll take care of every aspect of hiking and trekking.

I’ve been working as an independent trekking guide since 2012 right after getting my license. Later, I decided to open my own company in 2018. I have wide-ranging experience in organizing trips to the Himalayans of Nepal. I have led several trips myself to those regions. Undoubtedly, my trips provide safe and flexible opportunities for trekkers who are willing be a part of our trekking program.

I love to help my clients to enjoy Nepal’s Himalayans with its several culture and religious history. Along with this, Himalayan Friendly offers all levels of travelers like experienced trekkers, and mountaineers for our clients. Join our program, and give us an opportunity to serve the best scenic introduction to the beauty and culture of Nepal

Based on 13 reviews
Highly recommeded!! Ram guided my first trekking expedition with a friend to Nepal on the Ghorepani-Poon Hill Trek for 5 days. He organized everything and was highly professional, friendly, courteous, and very attentive to our needs. He was always nearby to answer questions but also sensed when it was time to give space to enjoy the solitude and spectacular views. My friend had used Ram previously and I understand why!
Howard B
Howard B
April 19, 2023
Great Experience on the Mardi Himal Trek! My wife and I spent 4 days with Ram and Kamal on the Mardi Himal Trek. Ram was an outstanding guide and organized everything - flights, hotels, tea houses - everything. The best part about Ram was he listened to our needs. We requested a quiet hike and Ram gave us the space we wanted to enjoy nature and peace and quiet. He even adjusted our Pokhara hotel when he found out there was a large group there. Ram is thoughtful, caring and hardworking. I would trek with him and Kamal again for sure.
April 4, 2022
Langtang Valley at its finest! Ram took us into the Langtang Valley and it was a trip of a lifetime. Ram was resourceful, patient, and kind. He was a fantastic leader and troubleshooter.
Joanne K
Joanne K
September 13, 2021
Excellent experience Ram guided a friend and I on the Pikey (Peakey) Peak trek in January. His communication leading up to the trip was regular and timely, as he worked to organize the best trek for us. Once we arrived in Kathmandu, he was very helpful in preparing us with gear. On the trip, everything was organized smoothly. His calm and flexible nature were especially great when we ran into some altitude adjustment issues. I highly recommend a trek with Ram and his team!
Katie H
Katie H
April 14, 2020
Stunning Peakey ( Pike) Trek, with Himalayan Friendly My daughter and I enjoyed a fabulous trek with Ram and Durbar. It was relaxed, with food, accommodation and transport perfectly organised for us. Ram was attentive towards our needs, and allowed us the freedom and flexibility ( within reason!) to set the pace or divert the route to places of further interest. He and Durbar were very good company, humble, obliging and setting the scene for an incredibly peaceful and energising trek. Thank you, Himalayan Friendly!
J. English
J. English
November 17, 2019
A truly memorable and very well guided trek. Ram is a very professional guide. Ram is an excellent guide.He speaks English very well. Ram and his very kind, gentle and helpful guide were a great team.I would highly recommend Himalayan Treks and Ram to any trekkers who are looking for a professional guide who knows the Himalayan treks very well. A very enjoyable trip to the Tsum Valley thanks to Ram.
Mark M
Mark M
March 11, 2019
Smooth sailing trekking experience Ram took my two friends and I on a trek to Peaky (Pikey) Peak in December. Our porters were excellent, Ram had brought fresh fruit for us to have each day, and he took care in arranging comfortable accommodation if we weren't happy with initial choices. While there was some miscommunication with our flight back (we had to wait an extra day in the town we were in), Ram made up for it by taking us on a stunning local hike. Communication was a bit choppy before we met him and went on the trek, but in person, everything worked out really well, so you just need to trust in the process if things don't seem so clear at first. Ram is a very gentle, kind person with a quirky sense of humour. He was very helpful when we needed to buy some equipment in Thamel at the start of the trek, too. You will have a great experience if you trek with him!
February 18, 2019
Incredible trekking experience! Ram is an amazing and friendly person to spend your time on the mountain with. He was more than happy to chat away the hours and even shared some Nepalese card games with us in the evenings. Would highly recommend a trek in Nepal with Ram leading you on!
July 16, 2018
Excellent experience! Ram arranged the best trek ever! He took four of us with 2 porters on the ABC trek. We were so very honored to meet these gentle souls. They reassured us of everything and we felt safe and prepared throughout the whole adventure. Shortly into our journey Ram said to us, “I am really happy with you.” We felt the same with him. Ram was more than a guide, he became a friend. We spent the days walking while exchanging language lessons and appreciating the beauty together. Ram was meticulous in his planning of the days. He knew just how long we needed each day to make it to the next spot. Everything was organized and we had a lot of fun. I highly recommend Himalayan Friendly Treks. The name says it all...
Katelyn W
Katelyn W
June 5, 2018
ABC Trek - Awesome Experience!! My friend and I did our ABC trek with Ram and two porters,it was the best experience we could ever ask for. He prepared everything in advance and got us all prepared for the trek.All three of them are very knowledgeable on the treks and have a genuine personality that made us so comfortable throughout the trek.Kept to our slow pace and never complaint about it. The best trek company to go with if your planning to trek the beautiful Himalayas.
jessica h
jessica h
May 27, 2018